LED-UK is an established East Sussex designer, supplier, and installer of LED lighting for commercial properties in the public and private sectors.

Switching to LED Lighting can save up to 71% on your energy bill and reduce your carbon emissions. We offer a “FREE” survey and energy savings report to show the savings you would obtain by switching to LED Lighting.
For businesses based in East Sussex and Kent, a grant is available that will pay 40% of the costs to install these energy saving products.

What is NEW in our business?

 UV-C Disinfection Technology

With the ongoing global pandemic against Covid-19, we have spotted an opportunity to extend our range of LED products, to include UV-C Disinfection lighting. Our lighting solutions will kill 99.99% of all known bacteria and viruses (including Covid-19), micro-organisms and pathogens in a fast, efficient, and effective way. As a result, organisations and businesses become safer, and staff and customers are reassured.

We have a range of UV-C products for every size of business and can offer these on a competitive finance deal (subject to t’s & c’s). If businesses do not wish to purchase the equipment, we also offer a UV-C disinfection service where our trained staff can come to your premises with UV-C equipment and sterilise your building for you.

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