Business checklists will supercharge your world, and this is why

by Emma of Bramley Business Solutions

This brilliant TED Talk describes a trial which implemented a 19-item two-minute checklist for surgical teams in eight hospitals around the world. These are surgeons, well known for being clever folk. After they adopted the checklist the complication rates fell 35%. It fell in every hospital it went into. The death rates fell by an astonishing 47%. It’s not that they were bad doctors. It’s just that they were human.

Checklists seem to have a reputation as being for silly people who forget things – not at all! Checklists facilitate reliable, high-quality work and free your mind from having to remember everything. Releasing yourself from having to retain this information can really help against the feeling of overwhelm and give you comfort that you’re not forgetting something important.

You may get the impression, quite correctly, that I love checklists. Checklists are particularly good for small business owners who are juggling balls, wearing hats and all those other metaphors for doing everything. It is highly unlikely you can remember everything, consistently, every time – and who wants that pressure anyway?

Benefits of using checklists

  • Don’t miss a thing, from small steps to big important tasks
  • Get it all right, time and again
  • Quick and easy to create and use
  • Saves you energy remembering if you’ve done it all
  • Saves you time fixing it when you didn’t

How to use business checklists
Now that you’re completely on board with the power of checklists, let’s look at how to use them effectively in your work.

  1. When you’re doing any task which you repeat and has multiple steps to remember, write a checklist for it.
  2. Keep your checklists in a format you’ll use. Often this is wherever you do your task management, e.g. Trello, but can be notes on your phone or in a notebook. A digital format is ideal as you can copy and reuse as often as you need.
  3. Next time you come to do that task, whip out your checklist and follow your own instructions on how to do that job brilliantly.
    Things change and you may find you want to add, remove or alter steps in your checklist. In this way, checklists are like a really easy process document. Just update your checklist and that’ll be what happens going forward.

My business checklists
I have checklists for almost everything I do. There is definitely too much going on in my business for me to retain how to do everything! Here are some examples of the things I have checklists for:

  • Creating a blog article
  • Social media scheduling
  • Client sessions on particular topics
  • Invoicing
  • Networking follow up activities
  • Newsletter scheduling
  • Weekly tasks
  • Monthly tasks
  • Quarterly tasks
  • Annual tasks

To give you a head start, I’ve created an easy-to-follow downloadable checklist for you with weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual tasks. It includes everything you need to keep up with to have an organised business, ensuring your business is as amazing as it can be.

Enjoy being able to stay on top of things every week, month, quarter and year instead of just ploughing through business as usual and hoping that you didn’t miss anything. Despite the world around us and the day-to-day chaos, you are definitely capable of staying organised.

With thanks to Emma for allowing us to include this blog in our Support Wealden News pages. Read more of Emma’s business blogs HERE

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UK Government's Kickstart scheme

FSB is now a national gateway for the UK Government’s Kickstart scheme and we’re encouraging small businesses to get involved and help support young people with job placements in England, Scotland and Wales.

What is the Kickstart Scheme and am I eligible?

The Kickstart Scheme was announced in July as part of the Chancellor’s Plan for Jobs. The scheme aims to create thousands of high-quality six-month work placements for young people aged 16 to 24 who are claiming Universal Credit and are at risk of long term unemployment.

Under the scheme, the Government will cover 100 per cent of employment costs for 25 hours a week. This includes the employee’s salary at the appropriate minimum wage for their age, as well as National Insurance and pension contributions.

We are partnering with Adecco Working Ventures to allow small businesses to pool their vacancies allowing them to access the scheme no matter how many opportunities they can offer rather than the 30 needed to apply for the scheme directly.

Full details and applications can be made here:

Federation of small Business
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FSB membership means inclusive support, market-leading benefits and a voice heard in governments at all levels. If you are self-employed or own a small business, membership is built from the ground up to help you achieve your ambitions. Together, we are stronger.

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Event invitation by The HR Dept


Returning to work after Furlough and the start of the new Job Support Scheme.

Where do we go from here?

Are you a business owner with questions on what will happen when the Furlough Scheme comes to an end and the new Job Support Scheme starts? Join Serena and Lisa on this upcoming webinar where you will have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have in relation to returning to work after the Furlough Scheme ends and the new job support scheme begins.

Concerns may include whether the Company is able to bring all staff back to work and if not what options, if any, may be available to them.

• Can I utilise the new Job Support Scheme?

• Can redundancy be avoided?

• If not, what are my options?

• What are the next steps?




Our aim during the webinar will be to answer employers’ questions on the above areas in addition to any other issues that relate to getting back to business.

Furlough will have an effect on many businesses so please do feel welcome to share this with other business owners you know that might be interested in attending.

21st October 2020 

10:00am – 11:00am



HR Dept Eastbourne, Brighton & Hove

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The HR Dept
HR and Employment Law Advice

The HR Dept Eastbourne, Brighton and Hove provides a comprehensive outsourced HR service for small to medium sized businesses across Eastbourne, Brighton and Hove and the surrounding areas including Lewes, Newhaven, Seaford and Hailsham. We understand that your workforce is your most valuable resource, but you may need help to attend to your ongoing and ever-changing HR responsibilities. An affordable outsourced HR service enables you to have a professional HR department without the expense of hiring your own HR Manager.

At The HR Dept Eastbourne, Brighton and Hove, we will take time to understand you, your business and your people. We will work with you to identify your Human Resource needs and provide a tailored response, ensuring legal compliance and provide ongoing support where needed. Most importantly, The HR Dept Eastbourne, Brighton and Hove offer services that are adaptable and cost-effective, helping you to build a better business and boost your profits.

Many small businesses cannot afford to employ a HR professional to ensure that they are legally compliant with the never ending tide of employment legislation. The HR Dept can free up your time to concentrate on running and developing your business.

Our retained outsourced HR service includes:

  • Unlimited phone and email support, backed up by legal indemnity insurance against tribunal costs and expenses, provided

our advice is followed from the onset of an issue

  • An initial free review of your employment contracts
  • A regular review of handbooks and policies to help you comply with ever changing employment legislation
  • Practical help in dealing with disciplinary, grievance and absenteeism cases
  • Support in recruitment and performance management
  • Managing the redundancy process

We can provide what you need, when you need it, how you need it, designed for the needs of your business. As a small, locally based business, we understand the special needs of small to medium sized organisations and provide down to earth, tailored, pragmatic solutions at sensible prices.

So if you are a business in the Eastbourne, Brighton and Hove or surrounding area and in need of outsourced HR support, please call us now. Don’t forget to request your FREE review of your existing contracts and handbooks.

Call 01323 403500 or 07875 702 914 or email

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FREE Pricing Webinar

Pricing Secrets for Start-Ups and SMEs

edeal logoFREE webinar funded by Wealden District Council for Wealden businesses.

Tuesday 6th Oct at 11am (60 mins)

Join Mark Peacock, the Pricing Coach, a leading expert on pricing and a specialist in helping businesses improve their pricing strategy.

Pricing is fundamental to every business, yet most people don’t spend enough time thinking about it. Mark’s mission is to help educate SME’s so that they can learn how to create and implement new pricing strategies that will maximise profits in a way that customers will value.

In this informative and stimulating talk, Mark will explain why pricing is the most important part of your business mix and will show examples of how simple alternative pricing strategies can be used to maximise average selling prices and increase profits.

To book email

Edeal Training

Free webinars

Due to covid Edeal are unable to deliver business start-up workshops so we are running a series of online webinars. These are funded by Wealden District Council so are FREE to Wealden businesses or any resident in Wealden who is thinking of starting a business.

Below is our schedule, please do have a look and book your place via our website.

Motivation, Vision and Values – 75 mins

Delivered by Vanessa Peters

Date – Tues 8th Sept at 11am

• Discuss the 3 consistent reasons why businesses fail:
o Poor planning/no planning,
o Ineffective management,
o Poor financial management
• Statistics for failure and success
• Motivation – what motivates you?
o What does it mean to be a business owner?
o Will you stay motivated?
• Vision – your vision for the future
• Mission Statement
• Values


Branding/image- 75 mins

Delivered by Vanessa Peters

Date – Tues 29th Sept at 11am

• Look at some famous brands; understand the power of brand identity and image
• Understand the difference between the two
• Branding/identity is controlled by you – it’s what you look like
• Image is how you are perceived by the world.
o Your image must reflect your values
o You can influence image, but it’s not controlled by you.
• Creating your brand.
o How does it reflect your vision?
o How does it reflect your values?


Pricing Strategies for Start-Ups & SMEs – 60 mins

Delivered by Mark Peacock

Date – Tues 6th Oct at 11am

• Advice on how to set or increase prices, design new prices, or sell & market prices with confidence.
• Objective is to provide ideas, suggestions and guidance on how to improve a pricing strategy.


Commercial Contracts – What you need to know- 90 mins

Delivered by Carol Hill

Date – Tues 20th Oct at 11am

• Why you need contracts
• what type of contract is appropriate, i.e. Business to Business, Business to Consumer, Online terms etc?
• Overview of the key aspects of a commercial contract, including, IPR, GDPR, Confidentiality, Payment terms, cancellations terms, obligations of both parties. termination provisions.
• Contract Disputes – how to handle them.

Market Research & Business Planning – 90 mins

Delivered by Vanessa Peters

Date – Tues 17th Nov at 11am

• Does anyone want what you are selling?
• Know your market.
o Desk research
o Field research
o Understand where you fit in the marketplace
• Planning your business; your research feeds into this
o SWOT – internal view; PESTLE – external view
o Compliance: Insurance/Data protection/GDPR/H&S/VAT/Accounts/IP
o Terms and Conditions of Business/Employment/Property
o Business Premises/Working from home/Business hub
o Will you employ people? On what basis? Changes your role.
o Do you qualify for a grant or Research Tax credits?
o Procurement must reflect values
• Negotiating


Marketing in the Current Climate – 60 mins

Delivered by Emma Pearce

Date – Tues 24th Nov at 11am

• Tips for marketing planning and your approach to communications
• Overview of key digital marketing activities including social media advertising, SEO, LinkedIn lead generation, building your network and more
• A reminder of traditional marketing activities you could be doing


LinkedIn – 60 mins

Delivered by Mina O’Brien

Date – Tues 1st Dec at 11am

• Your Profile – how to set this up to promote your business
• Creating a LinkedIn Company Page
• How to grow your network on LinkedIn – do’s and don’ts
• Hashtags and what content to post on LinkedIn


Twitter – 60 mins
Delivered by Mina O’Brien

Date – Tues 15th Dec at 11am

• Creating your twitter account
• Starting your following / building your community
• Different types of hashtags
• Trends, Awareness Days & Chat Hours
• Using lists


Edeal (Eastbourne & District Enterprise Agency Ltd) is a local independent Enterprise Agency, providing business support at all stages of business development and growth. Edeal offers a range of effective business solutions to small and medium sized enterprises. Most of our services are free as they are funded by the local councils.

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